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➡️ Wednesday, April 3rd at 10:00 AM on ZOOM!

Partnership for Strong Communities: Housing & Health Equity Webinar (Virtual): This session will highlight the intersection between housing and health equity! It is in collaboration with the Housing and Health Equity Lab at the Yale School of Public Health, run by Dr. Danya Keene, and Partnership for Strong Communities!

Registration: https://tinyurl.com/ymwerbjd

Join us for the next session in our year of learning! The Partnership is featuring advocates, policy experts and leaders in other sectors across Connecticut who aim to promote intersectional solutions to help address the critical need for diverse, accessible and affordable housing in our state. Moderated by Taylor Tucker, Director of Training and Outreach, Health Equity Solutions (HES) this session will explore how access to safe and affordable housing is intricately linked to the promotion of health equity and how addressing housing disparities can lead to better health outcomes.

Namandje Wali, Training and Outreach Program Manager at HES and Dr. Danya Keene, PhD, Associate Professor of Social Sciences at Yale School of Public Health will facilitate a conversation exploring the multifaceted relationship between housing and health, examining how housing stability, quality, and affordability impact individuals and communities. During our time together, we will create a deeper understanding of the social determinants of health that highlight the disproportionate health outcomes vulnerable populations face due to housing insecurity and explore the Housing and Health Equity Lab ran by Dr. Keene and her students at Yale University.

Panelists include:

– Whitney Denary, PhD Candidate, Yale School of Public Health

-LaToya Tyson, Training and Outreach Specialist, Health Equity Solutions

-Kally Moquete, LMSW, Senior Policy Manager, Health Equity Solutions

Whether you are a healthcare professional, housing advocate, policy maker, community member, or just someone who cares about making life better for everyone, this webinar and panel conversation is for you! Our panelists strive to make this an informative space to explore how having a safe and affordable place to call home is essential for everyone’s health and happiness.

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