Advocacy Resources

Community BenefitTalking Points2021Tying Community Benefits to Needs Identified by Communities 2021
DRPHCTalking Points2021Declaring Racism a Public Health Crisis 2021
AffordabilityFact Sheet2021Restore HUSKY A 2021
Community BenefitFact Sheet2022Restore HUSKY A 2022
Community BenefitTalking Points2022Community Benefits Talking Points 2022
REL DataTalking Points2022The Importance of Race, Ethnicity, & Language Data 2022
Community BenefitFact Sheet2022Strengthening Community Benefit in CTg
Community BenefitFact Sheet2021What is Community Benefit
DoulasFact Sheet2021Doula Services in Connecticut 2021
DoulasFact Sheet2022Doula Services in Connecticut 2022
Community BenefitFact Sheet2022Why Does Community Benefit Matter?
AffordabilityFact Sheet2022HUSKY Eligibility Maps
AffordabilityTalking Points2022Medicaid Strategy Group Talking Points
REL DataTalking Points2021Standardizing the Collection of R.E.L Data
REL DataFact Sheet2021Race, Ethnicity, & Language Data 2021
S.B 1Fact Sheet2021S.B 1 Fact Sheetk
CHWsFact Sheet2023Community Health Workers in Connecticut
CHWsToolkit2023Sustainable Medicaid Reimbursement for Community Health Workers
CHWsTalking Points2023Community Health Workers Talking Points 2023
CHWsSocial Media Graphics2023Community Health Workers 2023
Financial AssistanceFact Sheet2023Financial Assistance 2023
Financial AssistanceTalking Points2023Financial Assistance Talking Points 2023
Financial AssistanceSocial Media Graphics2023Financial Assistance Graphics 2023