Focus Groups

Meaningful participation means valuing the knowledge and opinions of community members in the decisions that directly affect them. Partnering with organizations across the state, our focus groups serve as a platform to meaningfully engage communities in the policies and practices that most affect them and their work. 

2023 Maternity Bundle Focus Groups Summary Report: Top Priorities - Accessing Doula Support, Training/Education, Emotional and Informational Support, Financial Constraints, Marketing/Networking

2023 Maternity Bundle Focus Groups Summary Report

February 2023

Health Equity Solutions (HES) collaborated with Primary Maternity Care (PMC), and the HUSKY Health program to host 6 focus groups to collect information that will support the design, planning, and successful inclusion of doula care services into the HUSKY Maternity Bundle program. The focus groups engaged a total of 72 total participants, which included 17 physicians, obstetricians, and midwives who deliver prenatal, birth, and postpartum care, 28 doulas who provide support and information to a birthing person, before and after birth, as well as during labor, and 27 HUSKY Health members.
You can read the full 2021 CHW Forum Summary Report here
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Community Health Worker (CHW) Forums Summary Report

November 2021

Health Equity Solutions (HES), in partnership with the Community Health Worker Association of Connecticut (CHWACT), organized three virtual community health worker (CHW) forums from August – September of 2021. The purpose of these forums was to hold space for CHWs to gather and share their thoughts, priorities, and concerns for the CHW workforce in the state of Connecticut.

Community awareness of CHWs ranked as the top priority (25%) to advance the workforce, followed by sustainable funding (21%) and coalition building (19%).

You can read the full 2021 CHW Forum Summary Report here.