The HES Advantage is an extension of Health Equity Solutions that offers customizable, equitable consulting, facilitation, and training services to agencies, health care systems, and communities with a race-forward approach. 

Our team consists of experts who are ready to strategically meet your health equity goals.

We partner with State and Local Governments, Insurance Marketplaces, Local and State Health Departments, Government Commissions, Direct Health Care Providers, Institutions of Higher Education

Training, Workshop, and Meeting Facilitation

Through equity-focused, expert facilitation, HES support meetings with communities and organizations based on their needs and goals.  We work with organizations to build meeting agendas,  focus groups questions, and offer a highly customizable training curriculum that is adaptable to the needs of our clients.

Strategic and Organizational Equity Assessment and Advising

We recommend policy and advocacy strategies for promoting health equity and offer technical assistance to clientele interested in creating or utilizing health equity impact assessment tools to analyze potential disparate impacts of policies and processes being developed or revised.

Health Equity Policy Consulting

We design equity-focused initiatives and processes to help YOU identify systemic racism embedded in current policies and practices and We also consult on community engagement work and facilitate focus groups and community conversations to inform equity-focused change. 

Our Partners